Project Description


75% Indica/25% Sativa. Nice, hardy cultivar. Usually 3-5’ in height. Considerably taller if not pruned. Finishes 15-30 of September, depending on location and how early it is planted. A medium sized bud with loads of resin. Very little trimming. Excellent mould-resistant, both outdoors and in the greenhouse. Very nice dried appearance with the look, taste and smell that people love. Often mistaken for premium indoor product. We have corrected the unreliable outdoor qualities that Sour Diesel possesses.  

The result is a plant that you can count on to produce beautiful, sticky buds with very high overall resin content. Regular lab tests between 18.5 and 22% THC. Superb sweet and spicy flavourEasy to manage as a mother plant and produces high numbers of vigorous clones with aggressive rooting qualities. Grown from seed it should be pruned in the early stages of growth to encourage branching and reduce height. Superb extract producer in all methodologies. Nice creative, relaxing buzz. Great for music or art. 

Feminized and non-feminized.