Project Description


True Afghani genetics that have been reliable and enjoyed by many for decades. 4’ to 5’ in height with typical cactus style look with long fat colas that are hard, and resinous, with great mould and insect resistance. Loves organic technique and the use of manure and manure teas. This plant can produce gummy black ‘of your dreams’ hash and RSO that very few strains are capable of. Absolutely toxic in strength to some. Finishes early to mid-September, depending on growing conditions and technique. Will survive the toughest seasons and still fill your stash with beautiful bud. A must have, manageable as a mother for a short duration only. Clones easily and quickly. Tests vary from 16-23% THC depending on grower and conditions. Very reliable and suitable for breeding to other strains to shorten season or increase bud size and length. Hundreds of positive testimonials on this one. 

Non-feminized only.