Project Description


60% Indica, 30% Sativa, 10% Brazillian. 6 years in the making. Outstanding yields. Outstanding high resistance to insects, disease and mould. Mid to late September for harvest times. High yields of resin on this one. Superb extracts regardless of methodology. Very tasty and spicy! 

If grown from seed it is best to do early, pruning to encourage production of more bud sites and discourage height. Regularly tests at over 20% THC. Manageable as a mother plant for producing clones. Easy to look after and high production of clones possible without premature flowering. Medium sized, long buds that are tight without a huge amount of trimming. Many successful seasons with this proven winner. Many with bumper crops even in poor growing. Loves organic techniques, crazy in a greenhouse! 

Feminized and Non-feminized.